About us

With 40 years of experience sm motion control presents itself as a partner in the field of control technology, automation technology and drive technology.

sm motion control gmbh is a manufacturer of electronic control units, which are used as continuous path units, positioning controls, CNC-controls, compact control units and all-in-one controls. Complete systems can be provided by combining this control knowledge with mechanics, software and automation technology.

  • Development and production of electronic controls
  • Control and drive design
  • Electrical construction, control cabinet construction
  • Software development and commissioning
  • Project planning of complete positioning systems
  • Development and production of customer-specific electronic devices and components
  • Special machines

We emphasise tradition, reliability and business confidence.

With our customers we maintain long term relationships and strive for a close cooperation.
Our innovative solutions provide you with plug and play reverse compatibility to enable easy modernisation.

We guarantee a support of at least 10 years for all our control units.



2021 smmx.tp7hd
2021 smmx.box
2019 smmx.tp5/tp7/tp10/tp13/tp15.6
2018 smmx next generation with capacitive touch
2016 smmx.tp15
2015 smmx – 4 x 11/3/320R in a rack 19“ rack with up to 4 integrated digital servo drives
2014 Devoloped the control unit models smmx.tp7 and smmx.tp12
2013 Automation Controller smmx incl. CoDeSys V3.5
2012 Control unit SM800 programmable with Multiprog SPS
2011 Control unit SM800V4
2009 Control unit SM300X3
2005 Control unit SM340
2004 Control unit SM800 Compact
2003 Control unit SM800 CANopen
2001 Control unit SM800
2000 Change of name to SM Motion Control GmbH
1997 Steuerung SM5 / SM300
1994-99 Control unit SM8000
1990-15 Control unit SM400
1991-98 Control unit SM200 / SM 100K
1986-94 Control unit SM2000 / Unipos 800F
1982-86 Control unit CNC82
1980-84 Control unit CNC80
1980 Foundation of the company SM-Elektronik