Customized software

Flexible components, intuitive operation

Our modern software tools cover all areas of industrial automation technology. A simple system solution can be implemented from complex individual requirements. If desired, we can take over the complete software creation for a turnkey application.


The overall software suite for automation technology.

PLC project planning software

CODESYS, the software plattform for numerous tasks in the field of industrial application. Based on the IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS development system.

  • Programming
  • Configuration of field bus and I/Os
  • Visualisation
  • Motion control
  • Diagnoses and Debugging
  • Remote access
CNC programming
  • Program creation according to DIN 66025
  • Axis management with linear, circular and helical interpolation
  • for up to 64 axes in 16 independent CNC axis groups
Safety software

We develop the safety circuits for the PILZ safety devices with the PNOZ multi configurator.

Commissioning of electric drives

The ergonomic user interface simplifies work with the drive.


CADCAM software for applications like laser cutting, water cutting, adhesive application, etc.