smmx - Automation Controller


smmx- all-in-one


CNC, PLC, Motion Control and visualisation

State of the art development environment (CODESYS V3)     
Joint variables for CNC, PLC and visualisation     
Due to the open automisation platform, the user has the possibility to integrate his own machine know-how. CNC programs in DIN66025-language (G- / M-commands) can run in several independent channels. All functions in PLC / motion control and visualisation are programmed with CODESYS V3.

To the smmx types

Flexibility in Real Time


RealTime Linux
= operation system + real time

  • CNC continuous path control (DIN 66025) independent channels
  • File system
  • Production data acquisition
  • Network functions
smmx - Highlights
  • Scalable planning of machine applications 
  • Joint variables for CNC, PLC and visualisation
  • User administration and alarm signal management
  • Update with USB stick
  • Configuration by initialising files
  • Visualisation via touch panel or web browser
  • Motion Control
  • PLC
  • I/O connection
  • Drive control system
  • EoE - Ethernet over EtherCAT

Technical data smmx



  • Continuous path control with up to 64 drives for stepper or servo motors
  • Management with interpolation of linear, circular or helix axes
  • 16 independent CNC axis groups (possibility to interpolate in each axis group)
  • Coding according to DIN 66025


  • Programming according to IEC 61131
  • Function blocks for motion control
CODESYS V3 Visualisation


  • Target visualisation via color touchscreen 5” - 15”
  • Web visualisatoin via remote PC
  • The automation controller smmx is programmed with the object oriented development system CODESYS V3. Complete tasks in control, automation and visualisation are realised within one single project planning tool.
  • Applicable CODESYS templates for all automation tasks are available for your use.
Technical data


  • 2xEthernet 10/100 MBit, 2xRS232, 2xCAN, 2xUSB
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, OPC UA, Ethernet IP, I/O-Link

Operation system

  • Realtime-LINUX

Remote Access

  • VPN
  • Integrated WEB, FTP and Telnet server
  • Modbus-TCP, UDP command level

smmx documentation

smmx documentation

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